How to start FLP BUSINESS, the little and big details.  credits Noted.

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In August this year I have got started with something new… something bigger than everything I have ever done online and it is what this post is all about. ENJOY!

This will be a long read.

So, this stuff i am talking to you about actually has to do with marketing of products through the internet.

I will use my personal story to illustrate.

There is a particular product I am selling now that is giving me nothing less than N10,000 profit per sale. So, if you can try it with all the tools I have in place, ready to be duplicated for you… All you need between today and ending of the month to make 100k profit is to pull 10 sales. And we will be using Facebook Ads… More on the stories in few mins.

Then I found a company that already had a base in Nigeria.

They have a lot of health products which also already have NAFDAC approvals.

And they have products in many niches.. Diabetes, Fibroid, Hairloss, Men’s Health, weightloss and many more.

So, as I said ealier, we will be using facebook ads, although, there are many advert platform but FB is still my main joker for now and you can start it for FREE unlike others. There are over 20million nigerians on FB, so why not?

The means I am devising is the sales page format. I create a sales page to display the product, tell people about how it is the solution to their problems and why they should buy it through me. And it is working very perfectly.
With N67,000, you will be buying up to 6 of these products. And let’s say all of your orders fall to these far locations (which is very imposible), you will be buying each at N11,160.

We resell for between 23k and 24k. Now, let’s say you chose 23k.

I have a courier service that make the deliveries. And they charge N3,150 to the farthest place in Nigeria…

So, you will be getting around 8,600 profit on one. That will be like a total of N52,140 profit for your first deal. You can keep this profit and reinvest your initial capital again… Once you do that, you get a discount of 20% on the price of the products.
if you follow my guidance very well, you will be able to do this 67,000 deal twice because I sell as fast as possible.

My best advice will be that you should start with N134,000 though, because that will give you 12 products and you can just sell all that within a week.

An advantage this option 2 (134k) has is that, you will be able to buy the product cheaper on your next purchase, cos the 12 will only cost 103k the next time you purchase.

So, if you opt to do this I will give you all the tools and trainings that you need (including the sales pages and adcopy I am using and how you can go and duplicate them for your campaigns) for FREE.
By the way, you are not paying me any cash, I will tell you where to go and buy the products. The company is in Nigeria and they have reputation here and in abroad. It’s been over 37.

I will go into more details in a moment

So, the company I am talking about is Forever Living Products…  But before you close this page and say this is another B.S/MLM trash, let me give you the advantages of selling MLM products over selling imported products or your own or any other products like that.

1. Since it is already easy to sell products online… there won’t be any big problem as long as what you are selling is working.

2. You with FLP, you won’t have any troubles when it comes to USD to naira stuff. Dollar is currently at N460+ and FLP is calculating it at N280 at the moment

3. With FLP you have a huge chance of success because the people above you will do everything to help you succeed… If you show seriousness cos your success will have major impact on theirs.

4. You get extra bonus for the stuffs you do for the month. This will be paid on Demcember 15th just as you see in the other reports… Payments alway got made on the 15th of next month. This are bonus from new distributors under you. 
N.B – This has nothing to do with the retail profits I mentioned earlier.

Well, December is still young, but I am working towards another 7 figures to be paid against January.

If I ask you, I am sure you will hate MLM (Network Marketing)? 

I actually hated it that there is nothing you can tell me 3 months ago about MLM that can I will listen to. But then, we’ve all been hating ourselves… I mean, after pulling millions from my sales, I am still getting paid something I can refer to as my salary… 

 We already have a system in place that can generate these kinda results for you. Someone from the team once pulled 35 orders on a single day. I never had such result too but I’ve had 20 on a single day. 

So, once people come into the business and see everything is in place and how fast they can sell, they come straight in and they sell and get tempted to bring more people in cos they have nothing much to do.

All they have to do is show their results to people… People love results.

But, if you don’t want extra money from bringing new people in, you can stick to the retail profit which from the start is the highest paying.  Although, you get a lot more opportunities by bringing people into the business… it will help you get to the top sooner and unlock a lot of new opportunities.. Like I just qualified for a car plan… 4M naira worth of brand new car.

MLM is a far better business and that’s because it has 2 sides… I always say it’s like having one’s business and still being in a paid/salary job. See your retail profit as the prfofit from your business and see the monthly bonus recap as your salary.

So, I believed you have agreed that MLM is a better business model

Sure. But definitely not all MLM company is good. So, how do we choose the right one?


One good thing about FLP is that as you increase in rank, you buy the products cheaper and then your comission also increases.

 There is something on FLP called Case Credits (aka CC).

Every product you buy has a cc attached to it. It is like the point system

It is what is summed together to increase our ranks.

I am currently a manager and I did it in 2 months
Those are the bonuses you can receive from FLP at various levels in the picture at the top.

And FLP is able to pay these bonuses from their advertising budgets. They don’t do adverts but depends only on we (the distributors) to recommend the products to people. Let me show you the chain         

So, can see that as against the traditional marketing route, FLP supplies the distributors straight up. This makes re products cheaper. And you can go sell at any price you care. I personally havent sold for less than 7k profit on FLP.


Lastly, this business doesnt stop you from going about your normal daily activities or business or maybe even job. It can be a PLAN B for you. There is a banker in my upline’s team and he is doing fine.

If you are ready to join, registeration is 100% FREE… The name of our group in FLP is PALS (Positively Affecting Lives), We mainly use the internet as our source of sales. And because we are able to reach so many people in a short time, that is why we are moving up the ladder so fast.  I am currently a manager and did it in 2 months. There are already 3 other managers under my legs now and 2 of them did it in 2 months, the latest manager did it in 1 1/2 months.

So, don’t be surprised if I tell you that manay of our names comes up every month as the top distibutors for them month and we are always on the list with people who have started about 16 years ago when FLP first got into Nigeria…

Network marketing have always been a huge opportunity, the problem is always how to sell and we have that addressed here .

But there are 2 main entry point to join our team and get access to all our tools and training. 

  1. Buy products worth 1cc, N67,000.  
  2. Buy poducts worth 2 cc, N134k. Profit is over double of that

Once you are ready, pick up your phone and call me on 08029726089. You can as well send an SMS. Or just get in touch with me on Facebook.

 Oh! No proof from any sales? See payments I received from courier plus between November 10 and December 6th below… They are not the only courier I am using anyway.