Explosive; Lady whose fiance asked her to return N20m wedding gift and Range Rover given to her by her ex needs your help

This WhatsApp conversation was sent in by a female reader who is currently in a dilemma about what to do with her fiance who asked her to return a Range Rover Sport and N20m that was given to her by her ex for her wedding. She wants to know if she should leave her fiance or stay with him? Please read the conversation below for the full story and give your advice:



I have a feeling that even if she marries this guy, she will likely continue seeing the FWB particularly if times get hard. Coming from lekki, driving range and flying to Hawaii for holiday to living in Lere with a man earning 250k will certainly lead to culture shock. Combined with the usual difficulties that new couples go through when they start living together, I would say the first few months of their marriage is going to be tough. Madam, you alone know what to do. Search yourself well. If you know in your heart of hearts that you cannot give up this lifestyle and not resent your fiancé for making you do so, let the man go. There’s no point trying to settle for what you know will only cause you sorrow. But know that you may never find someone as accepting as he is. If you want to stay with him, do as he has asked. Holding on to the range is holding on to a past he is not comfortable with and will rather you let go off. Sell the range and buy another car.
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