Sony Xperia XZ VS LG V20: 20MP+ camera battle

Sony Xperia XZ VS LG V20: 20MPSony Xperia XZ VS LG V20: this is a tough battle between two new flagships from Sony and LG. Those are two awesome smartphone cameras.  Sony Xperia XZ VS LG V20: 20MP.

Which one will be the winner? Let’s find out!

Sony Xperia XZ VS LG V20: SND 820, 20MP+ phones

Both Xperia XZ and V20 are the new flagships from Sony and LG. They are all equipped with one of the strongest processors: quad-core SND 820. However, Xperia XZ has 3GB RAM, while LG V20 packs 4GB of RAM. With this hefty RAM, the LG phone will give you a faster and smoother performance. It will easily handle any game or any app you throw at it. Both devices have the storage of 32/64GB which can be expandable up to 256GB. So, the LG new flagship wins.

Next is the camera. Sony XZ comes with a 13MP selfie snapper and a 23MP main camera which is equipped with SteadyShot Intelligent Active Mode and Sony IMX300 sensor. With these two features, Sony handset will give you 100% accurate focus and clear photos/videos. Meanwhile, LG V20 has an 8MP front cam and a 20MP dual rear cam. With the dual snapper, LG phone will do better in the low light condition. Moreover, your photos will be much deeper. Both of these phones have very strong camera setup, but Sony XZ slightly edges out its opponent here, due to having Sony sensor, one of the best in the market.

Sony Xperia XZ VS LG V20: 20MP

The other LG V20 specs are better than Sony Xperia XZ specs. This Korean phone continues to defeat its rival with a better screen (5.7-inch Quad HD display), a huge battery life (4000mAh) and a better OS (Android Nougat). These features on Sony phone are only 5.2-inch Full HD display, 2900mAh, and Android Marshmallow OS.

Sony Xperia XZ VS LG V20: price battle

In the specs battle, the new flagship from LG surpasses the one from Sony in almost every round (RAM, screen, battery, OS). It even wins over Sony XZ in the price battle with a cheaper price. LG V20 price is expected to be about $450 – $650. Meanwhile, Sony Xperia XZ price will be higher with $784. So, with stronger specs and a lower price, LG V20 totally wins this battle.

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