Latest 2go Mobile Chat Messenger 3.0 (PC Version)

2go2go mobile chat messenger 3.0 was introduced on PC version, but there’s 3.5 now.
Out of all the thousands of mobile Messenger and chat applications available, none has offered features such as;
Local Chatroom services (Country, State, City, School) just as 2go mobile chat messenger has done.
The Java application has gained popularity amongst Youth who love to socialize and chat.
A none official PC version has been in use, via KEmulator for a while now, but with the official release of the 2go PC version (beta) others can join on the fun even while on PC.
The downside to this PC version of 2go is the inability to Upload Pictures to your 2go profile, hopefully in future upgrades this will be possible. But for now picture upload can be done via KEmulator.


To Start Using 2go On PC – Visit from your Java enabled PC Browser to use this application. – You will be required to supply your Login Information (Phone number and password) Before downloading 2go on PC.

If you do not have Java Installed, Visit and fix that problem.
2go Screen Re-size TIP: The Default Screen size for 2go on PC can be edited from:
Option Menu >> Select Device >> Set Re-sizable Device as Default >> Now you can Re-size the 2go On PC width / Length by Dragging the edges.

Visit This link also for 2go messenger Mobile Downloads, Blackberry, HTC manual configurations – and solutions to connection problems
(Click here to Use the Good Old KEmulator Version for 2go 3.5 .jar)

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